How to establish a new Food Business

  1. Application Checklist

  2. Before you lodge your application

    All licensable food businesses including fixed premises, mobile premises and temporary premises are required to be licensed by Council. If you wish to operate a licensable food business in the Livingstone Shire Local Government area you are required to obtain a licence from Council by applying to the Environmental Health Unit. The following information will assist you in ensuring your application is complete and that you have considered everything that is required to apply for a food business licence. For a detailed guide on the application process please download the Food Business Licence Application Guide.

  3. Prelodgement

    Before you make a decision on the premises you intend to start a food business from it is recommended to book pre-lodgement with one of Council’s Environmental Health Officers. The Environmental Health Officer can meet on site to answer questions and discuss the premises against the Food Safety Standards requirements.

  4. Fitting out your food premise

    The set up and operation of a food business, must comply with the Food Act 2006, the Food Safety Standards, and the Australian Standard 4674-2004 (Design, construction and fit out of food premises).

  5. Lodging your application

    To make an application for Food Business Licence with Council, you must submit a fully completed form with supporting documentation and the relevant fee. If your food business is required to have an accredited Food Safety Program, you must apply for this at the same time using the same form

  6. Checklist for your application

    check your application, food business details

  7. Final Inspection

    When approved, you can then carry out any proposed works (eg. construction or fit out) in accordance with the approved application. When you are close to completing the construction of the premises you will need to contact Council's Environmental Health Unit to arrange a final inspection. This inspection is to determine whether the premises comply with the Food Safety Standard 3.2.3 and any specific conditions put on the food business licence. You cannot open your business until the premise has had a final inspection and approval has been obtained.

  8. How to ensure compliance with legislation

    You have a responsibility to ensure the sale of safe and suitable food and an obligation to comply with the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards.

  9. Lodge your application Online

    Apply for licenses online using ePathway website