Fitting out your food premise

The set up and operation of a food business, must comply with the Food Act 2006, the Food Safety Standards, and the Australian Standard 4674-2004 (Design, construction and fit out of food premises). Knowledge and understanding of these requirements is necessary to adequately design and construct a food business and ensure the premise:

• is easy to clean and maintain
• has sufficient space, facilities, and equipment to undertake their activities in a manner that produces safe and suitable food
• has services such as potable water, effective sewage disposal, and sufficient light and ventilation for food handling operations
• has adequate facilities for food handling staff to maintain personal hygiene and equipment cleanliness to a standard that will protect food against contamination
• is designed to prevent the entry of pests and pest harbourage.

The guides to the right are a useful tool for designing, renovating or fitting out a food business depending if the premise is fixed, mobile or temporary.