Checklist for your application

Food Business Details
• Recall system details if the business is a wholesaler, supplier, manufacturer or importer
• Detailed food menu
• List of potentially hazardous ingredients
• Details on the materials used in the design and construction of the premises/vehicle
• Two (2) copies of each plan, drawn to scale and complying with the Food Safety Standards 3.2.3:
• Site Plan
• Floor Plan
• Sectional Elevations Plan
• Hydraulic Plan
• Mechanical Exhaust Ventilation Plan
• Transport Vehicle
• Premises Layout detailing:
     Details, position and size of all plumbing fixtures
     Details, position and size of food preparation benches
     Details, position and size of exhaust canopies
     Details of all surface finishes (floors, walls, ceilings and bench surfaces)
     Details of all surface joining methods
     Details, position and specifications of all food preparation equipment

Food Safety Supervisor (must be provided within 30 days of lodging your application)
• Copy of the Statement of Attainment

Food Safety Program (if applicable)
• Two (2) copies of the Food Safety Program
• Notice of Written Advice’ from an approved Food Safety Auditor