How to ensure compliance with legislation

You have a responsibility to ensure the sale of safe and suitable food and an obligation to comply with the Food Act 2006 and Food Safety Standards. You must also comply with all licence conditions at all times and:

•    Have an accredited food safety program if required under section 99 of the Food Act 2006. Comply with the accredited food safety program and allow an             auditor to have reasonable access to the premises to conduct audits
•    Display the food business licence or a copy of the licence in a prominent position on the premises so the details are easily visible to persons at the premises
•    Ensure the premises comply with the Food Standards Code - Food Safety Standard 3.2.3
•    Allow an authorised person to have reasonable access to the premises during normal business hours for the food business
•    Comply with any other reasonable conditions that Council considers appropriate.

Environmental Health Officers are not required to make appointments to conduct inspections of your food business. Under the Food Act 2006 an Environmental Health Officer is allowed to enter your food business whenever it is open to the public or when food handling practices are being conducted. When an inspection is completed you will be advised in writing of any non-compliance, action(s) required and time frames in which you must comply. If you are unable to meet the specified time frames please contact the inspecting Environmental Health Officer.

Food premises that require additional follow up inspections for compliance matters will be charged a $92 per hour fee each time an inspection is required.

Environmental Health Officers are always available to offer advice to licensees and staff regarding compliance with the Food Act 2006 and the Food Safety Standards. There are a range of tools below that may be useful in ensuring your food business complies with legislative requirements.

Know your business: A self-assessable guide to the food safety standards

Label buster: A guide to labelling requirements under the Food Safety Standards

Self Assessment Fixed Premises

Self Assessment Mobile Premises