Food safety following a natural disaster

Looking after your health in a flood
When returning to your home after a flooding event there are some important steps to take to protect the health and safety of your family. Download Council’s fact sheet with useful information to ensure your health and safety after a flood:
• Personal hygiene
• Preventing illness from food and related items
• Cleaning of kitchen equipment
• Rainwater, bore water and swimming pool water quality
• Preventing illness from mosquitoes
Food premises affected by flooding
The sale of safe and suitable food for human consumption following a disaster is imperative for public health and Council will provide guidance and assessment for the clean-up of food premises to assure safe food operations and compliance with the Food Act 2006.
If your food premises has been affected by flooding an Environmental Health Officer will need to perform an inspection to ensure that food that has been adversely affected is not available for sale and that the premises and equipment are suitable for the safe storage and production of food.
An Environmental Health Officer will visit the food premises as soon as it is possible to perform an inspection and answer any questions. If at anytime you have further questions or concerns, please call Council and ask to speak to the Environmental Health Unit.

Food premises affected by flooding must not resume operations until they have been inspected and approved by an Environmental Health Officer. As the owner/operator of a food premises, you must comply with all requirements of Council’s inspection before an approval will be granted.

Download the fact sheet for further information about complying with food safety requirements following a flood.

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