Yeppoon Cyclone Shelter

Do you know what to do in the event of a cyclone?
Do you live in a storm tide area? 


Destructive cyclonic winds are certainly dangerous, however potentially the greatest risk to life and property for coastal residents in a major disaster event is storm tide.

Storm tide is a combination of associated abnormally high tides, storm surge and destructive wave action which generally occurs as a cyclone approaches the coast, and which has the capacity to inundate areas inland from the actual coastline.


Those living in high-risk storm tide zones need to carefully consider how they will respond in a cyclone disaster to ensure both their personal safety and that of family, neighbours and friends. It is vital for all residents to be prepared well before the cyclone season (every year between November to April), and to understand and identify their options for sheltering should an evacuation be required.

Please read the Where will you Shelter? brochure to help you decide which sheltering option is best for you and your household. Please take the time to carefully read the brochure, discuss the information with your household members, and to plan well beforehand exactly what you need to do and where you will go to take shelter. Don't forget your pets; animals (excluding registered assistance animals) are not allowed in the shelter. Make arrangements today to ensure the safety of your animals in an event.

We encourage you to evacuate to family and friends homes if possible. The Yeppoon Cyclone Shelter is to be used as a LAST RESORT by residents and visitors who do not have other options or their prior planning fails. The Shelter is located at the Yeppoon State High School, 30 Rawlings Street, Yeppoon.

Things to consider before planning to evacuate to the Shelter:
  • The Shelter will hold a maximum of 800 people
  • Everyone will be seated on plastic chairs side by side, with an average floor space of 1.25 sq. metres per person
  • When the winds reach 100km per hour the Shelter will be locked down with no one allowed in or out
  • There will be limited bedding and no refrigeration, cooking facilities or access for charging electronic devices
  • No pets are allowed (excluding registered assistance/guide dogs)
Yeppoon Cyclone Shelter map