Food Safety in a Lunchbox

Follow these 7 simple lunchbox food safety tips:

1. When buying lunchboxes choose ones that have room for a frozen drink or freezer block and are easy to clean and dry.
2. When preparing food, always practice scrupulous hand washing and ensure cutting boards, benches and utensils are clean and dry.
3. Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
4. Make sure lunchbox foods are always well separated from other foods in the refrigerator, particularly raw meats, chicken and fish.
5. Keep your lunch cool in the fridge until you are about to leave home.
6. Divide cooked leftovers into small lunch-sized portions so they refrigerate or freeze quickly and when reheating, make sure they are heated until 75 °C all the way through – stir or turn food as appropriate.

For more information see work and school lunchbox safety and for healthy lunchbox ideas see the Dietitians Association of Australia.