Keeping of animals

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You may require a Specified Animal Permit for an animal or the amount of animals you wish to keep on your premise.
To check whether you require a permit see the tabs to the left.

If you require a permit you will need to complete an Application for a Specified Animal Permit and lodge this with Council. An application fee is required to be paid on lodgement and, if applicable, all the animals must be currently registered with Livingstone Shire Council.

Upon receipt of the application a Local Law Officer will contact you to arrange an inspection of the premise to ensure it meets the criteria and is appropriate for keeping the animal/s.

Once approved, an annual permit will be issued. A licence fee is required to be paid yearly to renew the permit and an inspection will be conducted at this time.

Please visit our 2019/2020 Fees and Charges for fee amounts.
Minimum standards of keeping animals generally

A person who keeps an animal on premises must - 
  • ensure the animal is adequately identified so that the owner's name, address and telephone number are readily ascertainable; and
  • ensure that waste waters from enclosures are drained in a nuisance free manner and that run-off is kept off adjoining premises or as otherwise directed by an authorised person; and
  • ensure that excreta, food scraps and other material that is, or is likely to become, offensive is collected at least daily and if not immediately removed from the premises, is kept in a waste container of a kind approved by an authorised person; and
  • ensure any enclosure in which the animal is kept is properly maintained in -
    • a clean and sanitary condition; and
    • an aesthetically acceptable condition; and
  • take all reasonable steps to prevent the animal from making a noise disturbance that causes a nuisance or disturbance to the occupiers of -
    • adjoining premises; or
    • premises in the vicinity of the land on which the animal is ordinarily kept; and
  • ensure that the area available to the animal kept on the premises is appropriately sized so that the animal can be effectively and comfortable kept