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How can I request speed bumps, or speed limiting devices in my street?
Requests for speed restriction devices on the Council Road Network System may be reported to Council’s Customer Service Centre on 4913 5000 or 1300 790 919 or via Council's Online Services.

It should be acknowledged that the process of Council undertaking Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) scheme investigation, design and implementation involves the commitment of signification resources and expense.

In an effort to make the process more efficient, it is proposed that problems identified by the local residents should be accompanied by evidence that a majority consensus of support for a LATM scheme exists within the local community. This will most likely be in the form of a letter/petition stating what the perceived problems are within the local affected area, some suggestions of what an expected solution may be, and details of residents supporting the scheme (name, address and contact details). This process is crucial to focusing limited Council resources.
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2. How can I request speed bumps, or speed limiting devices in my street?
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